It's time to Invest/Divest Louisville

INVEST in our communities and DIVEST from police and carceral systems.

Know Your RIGHTS

If you have any interaction with the police, be prepared by knowing your rights.


This kit is designed to consolidate the information regarding Invest Divest strategy and resources for Louisville, KY.

Metro Council

Louisville Metro Council contact list for action items.

Louisville Budget

A deep dive about where our money goes in Louisville, KY.


People who are helping with this effort

What is possible?

When we defund the police, we create opportunities to further end our investments into the carceral system. Defunding the police also means abolishing Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE), defunding the policing of the Child Protective Services (CPS), and divesting from Rubbertown's pollution to supply the military, and any other system that cares less about accountability and more about policing our behaviors for control.

When we reject investing in the systems that violently maintain the dominance of white supremacy, we can create expansive possibilities to invest in our community in all the ways we need to heal our trauma, nourish our bodies, build meaningful relationships with each other, restore our planet, and find joy.

We can create processes that really hold us all accountable for the harm we cause. Together, we can create local ownership over the systems that support our needs. We know we deserve better systems to support our healing from the immense trauma we all carry in our community. When we #defund, we can create expansive options to heal from how white supremacy has taught us to be in relationship with each other.