Know your rights-Invest/Divest

Know your rights

If you are stopped by the police on the street

You do not have to answer any questions. YOu can say " I do not want to talk to you" and walk away calmly.

If you are mistreated by police

DO NOT FIGHT BACK. Do not yell or scream at the officer. Do say, outloud, the officer's name and any other identifying information.

You have the right to ask the officer for this information. Take pictures of any injuries to your person or your property. Call your lawyer as soon as possible.

If the police contact you by phone

You do not have to speak to the police. You do not have to return their call, continue with a conversation or go down to the poice station to speak further with them.

If the police call or approach you for and interview and you do not wish to speak with them tell them no.

If the police place you under arrest

You have Miranda Rights:

This means you do not have to answer an officer's questions and may request a lawyer. A judge must set your bond within 24 hours.

If you are stopped by the police in a vehicle

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Know your rights-Invest/Divest