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Included in this document are key message points, sample posts in Twitter format, shareable graphics and other resources.

Over the next three weeks, Monday June 8th - Thursday June 25th we have the opportunity to mobilize around specific demands to revise the city’s budget by divesting from the excessive police budget and investing in community and health services.

June 11th at 6:00 PM City Council voted on the ordinance, “Breonna’s Law”. This will be followed by the opportunity to make amendments to our city budget on June 23rd and 24th. At the Metro Council meeting June 25th they will issue a final vote to approve the budget. We must share how we want to see the budget amended with council members and the greater public and what commitments we want to see to continue divestment. We want to see our divestment strategy proposed in the amendments that Bill Hollander takes to the Budget Committee on June 23rd and 24th.

Divestment must continue until there is no longer a police budget but, instead, full investment into our community needs. Until the LMPD budget is fully defunded, we also demand a civilian oversight board utilized to inform Metro Council about the impact any changes stand to make in our communities.

Action Steps

  1. Identify your Metro Council representative
  2. Call/ email the Mayor and demand that he fires and prosecutes all individuals responsible for the death of Breonna Taylor.
  3. He will commit to working with Metro Council to revise the budget to divest from policing and invest in community and health services. He must commit to following the leadership of the Center for Health Equity and the Public Health department to propose a budget that actually represents public health needs.
  4. Create an independent civilian oversight board w/ the power to subpoena, investigate, and discipline
  5. Renegotiate the Collective Bargaining Agreement to remove any barriers to holding police accountable and reducing their budget for reinvestment
  6. Target Investors - Microsoft is launching their AI Moving to Work initiative in Louisville
  7. Target Microsoft in a SM campaign around firing these offices and meeting demands
  8. Target other investors / philanthropists
  9. Attend the Metro Council Meeting on June 23rd at 5:00 PM and 24th at 3:00 PM
  10. Demand that we divest from excessive policing and invest in health and community services (see item 9 or detailed list of proposed amendments).
  11. Push to repeal the Blue Lives Matter Law
  12. Push for a state law that ensures that officers are penalized for abuse of power.
  13. Push for a state law that mirrors the passed Metro ordinance “Breonna’s Law,” completely banning no knock warrants and making room for no special circumstances. Push to include language that will penalize officers who do not follow the law.