Funding Priorities

from Invest/Divest Louisville

Funding priorities for $190 million budget investment into community

(See below for specific reinvestment demands, attach dollar amounts as desired)

    Community autonomy/self determination

  • Participatory budgeting for community decision making every year
  • In-home elder care to support their physical and mental health, as they find healing from a lifetime of white supremacy.
  • Universal basic income, especially for those with disabilities who should not have to work or seek work to be valued in our community
  • Protect basic needs for residents, especially during COVID-19
    • Community based safety systems free from the carceral state
    • Mental health first responders
    • Funding to provide basic needs for people in crisis, including food, safe houses for people in crisis who need immediate, short term housing, and needed physical and mental healthcare
    • Fund ecosystems of health workers - including doulas, doctors, body workers, yoga instructors, massage therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, chefs, and more to take care of our bodies.
  • Develop community wide accountability processes that do not involve police or any other punitive response
    • Community wide education
    • Accountability
    • Consent
    • Conflict resolution
    • Bystander intervention
    • Antiracism education to unlearn white supremacy, especially targeted at white folks
  • Conflict resolution facilitators to help guide the learning and unlearning we all have to do when in conflict with each other
  • Fund community-led arts and entertainment to create entire neighborhoods for our children to run around, explore, laugh, be loud, be curious, learn how to navigate conflict, and build lasting relationships.

    Economic development

  • Funds specifically for pre development activities to support cooperative and fundamental organizations in our communities (i.e. the food co-op, Change Today Change Tomorrow, Play Cousins, etc). There isn’t a need to create more non-profits but a need to create a sustainable ecosystem of community-owned and organized resources to meet our desires, joy, needs and wants.
  • Fund to support cooperatively owned businesses and skill development
  • Education


  • Rehab every single vacant and abandoned property and give houses to people who need a home. Rehabbed homes should go directly to people and not be sold to banks. Homes should be guaranteed for every single person in this city.
  • We can ensure that people have ownership of our neighborhoods and that we create guaranteed housing for every single person, not because they’ve given their hard earned wages to a bank but because we made sure our neighbor was housed in a home that is safe and beautiful..

Environmental justice

  • Divest from Rubbertown, which means no more tax incentives and increased standards
  • Job training and creation for local environmental restoration of the air, water, and soil
  • Fully fund the public transit system to reduce vehicle dependence
  • Recognize this is stolen land and relinquish land stewardship to Native communities